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The Big Bang of Regulated Blockchain

Our vision is for self-sovereign groups, bound by their local jurisdiction and regulations, trading P2P programmable financial instruments.


DeFi has grown explosively since 2020, roughly $200bn in total value locked.

People involved in the blockchain and DeFi world have a libertarian mind-set who seek to avoid regulations.


The traditional markets volumes are thousands of trillions.

Financial institutions cannot enter the DeFi world as they need to know who they are trading with and the origin of funds. A public, permissionless blockchain can be problematic for financial institutions unless a whitelisting system is in place.


How do we balance decentralization, innovation and a framework to support regulated business?


The answer is Tgrade!

We build a self-sovereign framework which ensures the principal of decentralisation. Institutions within a given jurisdiction can each a self-sovereign group and ensure they comply with their local regulations. On-chain financial instruments controlled by self-sovereign groups, and on-chain governance complying with corresponding off-chain regulations is the key solution.

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Trusted Circles are people you know and trust, created on Tgrade. Unleash your imagination on what digital assets you can build.

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  • Regulatory compliant framework
  • Benefits of blockchain technology
  • Digitalize assets with a click
  • Permissioned smart contracts
  • Liquidity from legacy finance
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Game of Engagement 2022

Following the launch of Tgrade there will be a Game of Engagement which will be run over a 4 week period. There will be double engagement points on offer, a series of challenges, some will be announced in advance to help people with planning and others will be flash challenges on the same time on each Monday morning.

Dates and challenges will be announced in Q2 2022.

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