The Big Bang of Regulated Blockchain

Our vision is for self-sovereign groups, bound by their local jurisdiction and regulations, trading P2P programmable financial instruments.

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DeFi in 2020 has seen huge growth and is in the low billions of volume.

People involved in the blockchain and DeFi world have a liberitarian mind-set who seek to avoid regulations.

The traditional markets volumes are thousands of trillions.

Financial institutions cannot enter the DeFi world
due to lack of regulations


The answer is Tgrade!

We build a self-sovereign framework which ensures the principal of decentralisation. Institutions within a given jurisdiction can each a self-sovereign group and ensure they comply with their local regulations. On-chain financial instruments controlled
by self-sovereign groups, and on-chain governance complying with corresponding off-chain regulations is the key solution.

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Tgrade Introduction
Trusted Circles
Proof of Engagement explained

Trusted Circles

Trusted Circles are people you know and trust, created on Tgrade. Unleash your imagination on what digital assets you can build.

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Frequently asked questions

What does Tgrade do?

The foundation of Tgrade is a robust, secure, fully decentralized platform that offers the ability for self-sovereign groups to form and interact with each other. This is important as it ensures that these groups know who they are interacting with and have certainty of the origin of funds. With this framework and the smart contract platform, there are many opportunities around tokenization and the exchange of value within a regulatory compliant environment.

What is Proof of Engagement?

Proof of Engagement(PoE) is the best of Proof of Authority and Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. PoE provides the incentives for all of the community around a blockchain to collaborate. The introduction of Engagement Rewards which can be earned by anyone within the community, and for validators to combine engagement with stake for voting power addresses many of the concerns around PoS. Read more 

Why regulated DeFi? Why important?

DeFi aims to be accessible for everyone, allowing them to exchange value through peer-to-peer transactions seamlessly without middleman. DeFi has seen huge growth and is in the low billions by volume. By contrast, traditional markets have volumes of thousands of trillions. Traditional financial institutes cannot enter the blockchain world due to lack of a structure to ensure they can comply with regulations and technology issues like security or scalability.


Every country has their own regulations and it is not feasible for a blockchain to implement all the different rules of every regulator. Tgrade’s self-sovereign framework which ensures decentralization is the answer. Once a self-sovereign group is established, they can then govern who can trade with whom with which instruments. The self-sovereign model is scalable, in that many self-sovereign groups can be created to support regulated institutions and each group can act independently. On the Tgrade chain, you can have financial instruments which can only be traded by the self-sovereign group, and the permissions on the trading venues are managed by the self-sovereign group.

How to deploy my dApp(s) on Tgrade?

Simple, either you get a precompiled smart contract binary or compile it yourself, then deploy it to Tgrade using the provided client tooling with minimal fees. You can check the details on smart contract deployment here.


How to join Tgrade as a validator?

Thanks to your interest, we have reached the target number of validators for Tgrade genesis. We are currently finalising the validator set and are no longer accepting new applications.

We are, however, making a waiting list so if any of the validators drop out before mainnet we can add validators from the waiting list.

If you want to join the waiting list please get in touch with misang@confio.gmbh and leave your details.


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