Business solving real-world problems

Imagine real-world problems, solved by innovative businesses, powered by the Tgrade blockchain.

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To bring people together

We want to drive the adoption of blockchain technology by making it usable and useful in the real world. We are solving real-world problems by bringing together people, businesses, and blockchain.

A Revolutionary Platform

Tgrade is built using revolutionary blockchain technology, smart contracts, and new forms of decentralized autonomous organization. We solve the basic problem in public chains of pseudo anonymous addresses and the issues of not knowing who you are trading with through Trusted Circles, a self-sovereign governance mechanism to allow you to create your own groups with your own rules.

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We give businesses a safe blockchain home

Tgrade is a home for businesses. By providing a central hub for commerce, and a neutral foundation for businesses to interact with one another and their customers, we are helping to build a robust ecosystem for businesses to thrive in the new era of blockchain technology.

Revolutionize your business with blockchain!

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Investor & Strategic partner


Play a Game of Tgrade Engagement 2022

Following the launch of Tgrade there will be a Game of Engagement which will be run over a 4 week period. There will be double engagement points on offer, a series of challenges, some will be announced in advance to help people with planning and others will be flash challenges on the same time on each Monday morning.

Dates and challenges will be announced in Q4 2022.