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A public, decentralised blockchain

The case for a public, decentralised, secure blockchain is strong. Public blockchains are resilient by design as they are run by a group of independent node operators who are aligned through a framework of incentives and punishments.

Tgrade is a chain that has been designed to support high value businesses in a very secure and decentralised model that is robust and safe.

Trusted Circles unleashed

The biggest problem for regulated businesses or businesses that need to know about the origin of funds or who they are dealing with is the pseudo-anonymous blockchain addresses.

The solution was to build an on-chain governance system that allowed for the creation and maintenance of permissioned groups.
The permissioned groups are referred to in Tgrade as Trusted Circles.

Care was taken to ensure that the mechanism is self-sovereign and that whoever sets up and maintains a Trusted Circle is free to decide the governance.

About Tgrade

Stichting Ocean Blue, incorporated in Amsterdam, Netherlands, is the legal entity behind Tgrade. There is a written constitution for Tgrade which sets out the rules, who has authority, and how it is derived.

A lot of work was done at the consensus layer to address the issues we found in Proof of Stake, which we implemented as Proof of Engagement. We opted not to include delegators, thus making validators principals and not agents. The layers make a very robust chain and make us confident that the value of the assets issued on Tgrade can far exceed the market capitalisation.

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If you want to start developing Cosmwasm smart contracts for Tgrade or just browse the API please visit our Wiki →

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